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FAER FOUNDATION creates resources, organizes information, educates and objectively practices with artists as they develop their businesses and contribute to their own noble causes.

Our Story

Fine Arts Education Reform is the result of the struggles and achievements of many.

Since providing relief to the streets, hospitals, jails, and subways of our nation’s largest cities from 2010-2019, FAER Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Fine Arts Education Reform has been enabling young performing and visual artists, and working professionals with the necessary form and harmony to constructively resonate with Capitali$m.

FAER Foundation is Maestro Chavez’ noble cause that aims to balance and secure the benefits and protection of exclusive intellectual property rights to American writers & inventors by providing guidance, counsel, and efficient exercise in registering and maintaining their company structure, titles, and works, indeed.

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We are currently seeking partners and members in the following fields:

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Founder & President

A virtuoso violinist and arts advocate originally from Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, currently #living in the heart of Time Square, New York City. . .  lecturer of Essentials of Success at Berklee College of Music, as well as guest teacher and visiting artist at Arts Magnet high schools throughout the United States. His accomplishments are praised throughout New York City and Downtown Los Angeles for his works with superstars, namely Jennifer Lopez & Olga Tañon, and his masterful music arrangements and orchestrations for artists including Giovanni Hidalgo and producers of The BBC, Fremantlemedia, & USA Today, among many others.

Maestro Chavez’ publishing of original music uses the latest technologies and creative media. He is a  powerful performer with a passion for American Education reform in the fine arts in order to enable every artist, writer, and inventor with the skillsets neccessary to sustain their lives solely from their art works.

For more information visit: juanpchavez.com

Juan Pablo Chavez, Founder, FAER Foundation
President, FAER Foundation, Inc.


Vice President (Handles day to day operation$)
CFO (*Must be skilled in royalty accounting and touring. Taxes paid quarterly.)

Change the state of Arts Education in America with Juan…

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