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FAER FOUNDATION creates resources, organizes information, educates and objectively practices with Artists as they develop their business and contribute to their own noble causes.

Our Story

Fine Arts Education Reform is the result of the struggles and achievements of many. After seeing the streets, hospitals and subways of the major media Markets of the U. S. flooded with starving artists, Juan Pablo Chavez set out to enable youth and practicing artists with the necessary form and harmony that resonates with Capitalism in modern America.

FAER FOUNDATION is Maestro Chavez’ noble cause… aiming to balance out the insecurity of Copyright and Exclusivity of Artists in need of intellectual structure and properties.

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Founder & President

A virtuoso violinist and arts advocate from Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX… a lecturer at Berklee College of Music, inter alia, whose accomplishments are praised throughout New York City and Downtown Los Angeles for his works with Superstars, namely Jennifer Lopez and Olga Tañon; his masterful music arrangements for artists such as Giovanni Hidalgo and producers USA Today, et alia; his publishing of original music for independent Artists using the latest and most innovative technologies, and for his powerful performances and passion for Fine Arts Education Reform.
For more information visit: juanpchavez.com

Juan Pablo Chavez, Founder, FAER Foundation
Founder, FAER Foundation


Vice President

Change the state of Arts Education in America with Juan…

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